Cybercrime and your conveyancing transaction

 Protecting against cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the increase, with conveyancing one of the most frequently targeted areas in the legal sector. Due to the high value of conveyancing transactions, they are a tempting opportunity for criminals who attempt to infiltrate lawyer/client communications and divert funds.

We take this threat very seriously. Protecting our clients – and ourselves – against cybercrime is therefore a priority for the whole team. So here’s how we do that.

How we protect our clients

What we will do
Run stringent ID checks. Every client has to provide identification that meets very strict standards of proof.
Check bank account details to be certain they are legitimate. We use Lawyer Checker to verify account details for clients and for other solicitors acting for vendors/purchasers.
Trace the source of deposit funds. We will go back as far as is necessary to make certain that everything is above board.
What we won't do
We will never use email to ask our clients for bank details or to transfer funds into our account.
We will never change our bank account details during the course of a property transaction.
How you can protect yourself
Check any emails you receive from your conveyancer. The difference between a genuine email and one from a fraudster may be tiny - a single digit or letter in the address.
Look out for any changes in the type of language used or to the footer or header images.
If you are suspicious about anything, talk to your conveyancer.
If you receive a suspicious phone call purporting to be from your conveyancer, put the phone down and wait at least 5 minutes before calling back or use a different phone.
Register your property for free Land Registry Alerts. You will receive email alerts when certain activity occurs on your monitored properties, so you can take action any necessary action. You are most at risk of fraud if the property is: empty; rented out; mortgage-free; not registered with the Land Registry.
Sign up for Action Fraud Alerts from the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. You'll be notified of any scams and fraud in your area.

Money launderers also target conveyancing transactions – find out more about money laundering and conveyancing.

If you have any concerns about your transaction please contact us immediately on 03300 562184 or email your property lawyer direct.