Free Will offer for animal lovers

Help from the PDSA to make a free Will

Help from the PDSA to make your Will for free.


As solicitors we know how important it is to make a Will. And we know that many people put it off, thinking that there will always be time in the future.

The PDSA also recognises how vital it is to have a valid Will in place. In fact, without the gifts to the PDSA that many animal-lovers include in their Will, they wouldn’t be able to help all of the 470,000 pets that they treat every year. These legacy donations are their largest source of income, providing two thirds of the 2.7 million treatments they carry out each year. So we have joined up with them to offer a free Will service to anyone over the age of 50. The PDSA will cover the cost of writing a simple Will or mirror Will (and there’s no obligation to include a gift to the PDSA).

Why is it so important to have a Will?

Did you know that a staggering 75% of people die without having made a Will? That means that their property or precious possessions may not be passed on in the way they want. And it’s unfortunately not always as simple as the estate passing automatically to their next of kin. The only way to be certain that your wishes will be carried out after you die is to make a legally binding will.

How to claim your free Will

Just call us on 0114 220 1952 or email to arrange an appointment and mention the PDSA free Will offer. You’ll need to complete a Free Will Redemption Form and we can either do that when we meet or you can download it from the PDSA website here.

It’s an ideal way to save yourself and your loved ones from a stressful situation in future – and perhaps to help treat a sick animal too.

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