Act now to move house before Christmas

Move house before Christmas

Time is running out if you want to be putting up your Christmas tree in a new home.

With only 10 weeks to go before the big day, you need to start the conveyancing process right now to have a chance of completing before 25th December.

How to get moving fast

In general, it takes between 8-10 weeks for a freehold purchase to complete, and 12-14 weeks for a leasehold. Those timescales are based on when we receive the contract from the seller’s solicitors but even before that stage, there’s a lot of admin work to do. So here’s how to get things moving as quickly as possible.

+ If you haven’t instructed a conveyancer yet, do it now! You can get a quote straight away here.

+ We’ll send you out a Client Care Pack asking for all the information we need to start work. Complete and return all the forms as quickly as possible. There’s a short video guide to your Client Care pack here.

+ Read the ID requirements carefully as only certain documents are valid. Please send us your ID by post as we can’t accept this by email. A certified copy is often the quickest and most cost effective way to do this.

+ Contact us as soon as possible to pay for searches on the property you’re buying. Searches can take some time so the sooner we can order these, the better. There’s more information on searches in the short video here.

+ Let us know as soon as possible if there’s anything that might complicate or slow down your property purchase. For example, if someone is gifting you money for your deposit, we will have to verify their identity and the source of the funds (this is because of the strict money laundering rules we have to follow by law). This can add to the timescale.

+ Remember, if you are using the Help To Buy or Right To Buy schemes these will involve additional work so they do take longer to process.

Checks and due diligence

We understand how important it is to be settled into your new home so you can enjoy the festivities. But remember a new house is for life, not just for Christmas! So all the checks and due diligence we carry out have to be as thorough as they are at any other time of year. After all, you don’t want to find out that something was missed when you come to sell so please bear with us.

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer them – just give us a call on 0114 249 6926 or email




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