Consumers choose conveyancing specialists over traditional solicitors

Consumers choose conveyancing specialists

Conveyancing specialists benefit from online presence.

A new report shows that consumers are increasingly choosing conveyancing specialists over traditional high street solicitors. Conveyancers with an online presence that offer 24/7 quotes saw the most dramatic rise.

The research, by conveyancing technology company Infotech, found that 20% of property purchasers in the last year used an online conveyancer. This was against just 8% for those buying 3 – 10 years ago.  Buyers who used a local solicitor dropped from 73% to 57% for the same period.

It’s no surprise to Steven Sutherland, Head of Training for PM Group:  “This report shows the empowerment of customers. Customers rightly want a conveyancing specialist who can meet their demands, often in the biggest personal investment of their life. Customers look for expertise and for service to be delivered in a way that fits their everyday life.”

It’s a trend that’s bound to continue as 18-24 year olds enter the housing market. They’re used to sourcing everything online 24/7, comparing prices and reputation, and making a purchase with the click of a button. So why should buying a property be any different?

Complex transactions require specialist knowledge

Property prices have put traditional home ownership out of reach of significant numbers of this generation. As a result, many are taking up schemes such as shared ownership as an alternative. These are complex transactions requiring specific expertise which local solicitors often lack.

Harvey Harding, MD of PM Property Lawyers, comments: “As conveyancing specialists, we regularly handle complex sales and purchases and we have considerable experience in bringing these to completion. For shared ownership, shared equity or other less straightforward transactions you really do need an expert who understands the process.”

Here at PM Property Lawyers we pride ourselves on having nationwide expertise in all types of conveyancing work.  We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the great service and attention needed when moving home. To find out more and ask any questions call us on 0114 249 6926 or email


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