Conveyancing made simple!

Understanding your property sale or purchase

Video guides and resources for you

Searches? Shared ownership schemes? New build properties? Buying and selling a home is complicated! And sometimes the conveyancing process can seem like a mystery.

That’s why we’re creating a library of videos and other resources that explain what’s involved clearly and simply.

So if you want to know what it means when your mortgage lender asks for additional searches or how to get your transaction moving quickly, just go to the library and there’ll be a short video or a PDF with all the answers.

The library is here.

Currently available:

*A guide to property searches

*A guide to additional property searches

*Buying a new build property

*What is shared ownership?

*A guide to lease administration fees

*A guide for first time buyers

*Buying a leasehold property

*A quick guide to selling a property

*A quick guide to buying a property

*What to do when you receive your client care pack – buying

*What to do when you receive your client care pack – selling


We’ll be adding more to the library month on month so it builds into a comprehensive resource for anyone buying or selling their home. If there’s a topic you would particularly like help with, drop an email to and we’ll do our best to cover it.



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