Digital transformation of the Land Registry – good news for conveyancers and their clients

Digital transformation of the Land Registry

The Land Registry’s digital transformation project is well under way

The latest news from the Land Registry shows they are working hard to digitise their services – and that’s good news for conveyancers and anyone buying or selling property.

As the register of property ownership in England and Wales, it’s essential that the data the Land Registry holds is both accurate and secure. Their digitisation project will mean a faster, more streamlined process both for conveyancers and home buyers and sellers.

At PM Property Lawyers we’re fully behind this project. “Full digitisation will take some time, but the steps the Land Registry are taking are exactly right,” says Managing Director Harvey Harding. “We are currently integrating our case management system with the Land Registry so we can automate requests for registers of title. This will save time and also reduce errors as information will no longer have to be typed manually. But this is just the start. The ideas that are coming from LR’s Digital Street R&D project are both innovative and practical, looking to the future, not stuck in the past. That’s just what we need to achieve the open, accessible service that we want.”

Benefits for clients

Technical supervisor Matthew Rushworth comments: “We are already able to download some Land Registry documents and it will be possible to integrate further in future. Increased digitisation will make the process less time consuming with less time spent on data entry. And that means we can focus on adding real value to our clients with our knowledge and experience. That, after all, is what they want and expect from us.”

Reform of the property buying and selling process has already begun. The Government has recently announced changes to leasehold houses and professional qualifications for estate agents. The work the Land Registry is doing is another step in the right direction. “We welcome all these developments,” Harvey Harding adds. “The more information clients have, and the easier it is to get hold of, the better for everyone.”


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