Japanese knotweed – a problem you can’t ignore

Japanese knotweed

Buying or selling a property with Japanese knotweed

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, discovering Japanese knotweed is a big issue. This invasive weed can damage buildings, take over gardens and spread rapidly to neighbouring land. Property owners who fail to deal with the problem face prosecution and a substantial fine.

What’s more:

* If you’re selling, japanese knotweed could reduce the value of your property by thousands of pounds. You could also face a hefty bill to eradicate it.

* If you’re buying, you may find it hard to get a mortgage on the property.

With growing season in full swing, this garden terrorist is shooting up all over the country and causing problems for property owners.


So what are your options?


Our comprehensive guide explains:

How to identify Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed and the law

How to treat Japanese knotweed

Selling a property with Japanese knotweed

Buying a property with Japanese knotweed


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