Learning at Work Week

We love to promote learning and development in the work place, so this week we’re celebrating Learning at Work Week and looking at the importance of learning and development within the workplace. We have talked to our Head of Training and Development and to one of our Apprentices to get their views on learning at work.
Learning at work is a big part of our latest recruit’s day in the office. Lewis Jarvis is our Digital Marketing Apprentice and we caught up with him to ask him about how we are supporting him to learn at work:

What is your favourite way to learn at work?
My favourite way of learning at work is through research. My line manager supports me in my desire to learn and will often set me new research challenges to enhance my skills and knowledge. There are so many resource tools online to try it out, I never know what more I might learn in the process. I like attending Webinars as an alternative to reading because sometimes I prefer listening and making notes, just to try and mix it up a little bit!

What has been your favourite topic to learn about so far?
I have never worked in the legal sector previously, so far I have learnt a lot that I wasn’t familiar with. One of the tools I need to use in my role is WordPress. WordPress is a piece of software used to create and design websites and part of my learning involved understanding how to use it. As a result I am now able to add new web pages, update staff profiles and add articles to our company websites….in fact I will probably be adding this one!

Why do you think it’s important for you to learn at work?
It’s really important for me to learn here every day in order to continue to develop my skills. It’s not just new skills that I want to learn but further develop skills that I already had. I would also like to bring a different skill set into the company and maybe even bring some new ideas to the way of doing things.

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate and support Learning at Work Week?
It’s great to feel supported in my learning at work. It is necessary to support people in their roles, no matter what stage they are in their career, because everyone can learn something new at work. No matter how much experience you have in your role there will always be a new skill that can benefit you, refreshing knowledge that you already have has to be a good thing.

A big thanks to Lewis for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions for this week’s Learning at Work Week.
As a business we are dedicated to our employees’ learning and Lewis is not alone in receiving training and development and we are delighted to boast about our bespoke, in-house training that is available to each of our employees.
Our Head of Training and Development, Steven Sutherland, was excited to tell us all about some of the latest developments in the Training team when we caught up with him. In addition to the wealth of learning opportunities that are already offered we have recently added enhanced Customer Service Programmes to our training modules. Steven and his team have also been very busy recently developing the Apprenticeship programme for the 11 new Apprentices due to join us in June 2021. In addition the team has been working hard to roll out our Trainee Property Lawyer programme, which offers a blend of workshops, tutorials and on the job training to anyone wishing to progress in their career within our busy conveyancing team.

For more information on Learning at Work Week follow the link to the Campaign for Learning website – CLICK HERE

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