Top tips to help you sell your home fast

How to sell your home fast

If you want to sell your home fast presentation is crucial.

Get it right and you’ll be selling up and moving to pastures new in no time. Get it wrong and your home will be looking stale and unloved on the estate agent’s list for months.

Here’s our checklist for selling fast.


ChecklistFirst impressions last

An appealing exterior is the first step to a positive viewing. So how does your home appear to someone seeing it for the first time? Stand outside and take a really good look. Are the windows clean? Is the front door freshly painted? Is the garden tidy and the grass mown? A tub of flowers at the front door looks cheerful, particularly in gloomy weather.


ChecklistDeclutter like mad

You know all those bits and bobs that lie around taking up space? This is the time to finally find a home for them. If you can’t find a home, throw them out (that means less packing when you come to move house too). Keep surfaces clear of too many ornaments so rooms look spacious and clean.


ChecklistKeep it neutral

Purple and yellow paint may be your idea of a perfect colour scheme, but chances are it won’t be to everyone’s taste. And while some potential buyers will be able to see beyond wacky decoration, many will not. Make it easy for them to see the charms of your home by painting walls in light, neutral colours. OK, it won’t feel quite like home, but it’s worth it in the long run. And when you move to your new home, you can go as wild as you want.


ChecklistUpdate the kitchen

A shabby kitchen is a definite no-no for most buyers. If you have the budget, think about replacing worn cabinet doors and counter-tops. If you don’t have the cash to spare, paint what you can and clean what you can’t so it looks sparkling fresh. Clear away counter-top clutter, deep clean the cooker and make sure the sink smells and looks spotless.


ChecklistSet the atmosphere with lighting

Lighting matters just as much as furnishings and colour schemes when it comes to creating the right impression.  And it’s particularly important if you have viewings in the evening. Lamps placed around a room are more inviting than a harsh overhead light and will perk up any dark corners.


ChecklistHow your home smells

The first thing people notice when they walk through your front door is how it smells. So make sure it smells good! Clean carpets and upholstery if they’re a little stale, and particularly if you have pets or if there’s a smoker in the house. Clear any smelly drains, change bedlinen and bathroom towels and open the windows to let in some fresh air. It’s a cliché that baking bread and brewing fresh coffee will lure in buyers but they do work – though it may not be practical to have these on the go all the time. Fresh flowers and a fruit bowl help to fragrance your home and beeswax furniture polish smells lovely.


ChecklistClean and repair

Now is the time to tackle those jobs you’ve been putting off: discoloured grouting, chipped paintwork, dripping taps. When you look at your home with fresh eyes you’ll probably notice dozens of minor jobs that you’ve been ignoring. Even if they’re small, they do make a difference to the overall impression so sort them out now.


ChecklistDon’t forget the exterior

A scruffy garden will put off potential buyers. So make sure that beds are weeded, paths clear and grass mown. Just as indoors, clear away clutter like hosepipes and garden tools and give garden furniture a good clean. The garden can be a huge selling point, particularly if you’re selling your home in the summer, when buyers can see it its best. If gardening isn’t your thing, buy a few tubs of plants and dot them around the garden (replacing regularly if necessary so they’re always in top condition).


Of course, once you’ve done all this you have to keep your home looking amazing for every single viewing. It’s hard work but worth it in the end to sell your home fast and at the right price.


When you’re selling your home you want to be certain that it’s done properly. Our experienced team will help the conveyancing process run as smoothly as possible – why not get a quote now? Or give us a call on 0114 249 6926 and we’ll be happy to help.

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