This is what makes our job worthwhile

Client feedback

When we get an email like the one below, it makes our day (our month even!). It’s a reminder that our job has a massive impact on the lives of our clients and how much we can help people achieve what they want in life.  

So we want to say a big thank you to Michael and all our other clients for putting your trust in us.

Received  Friday, 13 January, 2017.

“For Joanne and her line manager.

When I started my investment business in 2015 I realised early enough that I needed the backing of a solid law firm where all my conveyancing needs, would be fulfilled but I also realised I needed … much more:

*expert knowledge pool
*guidance and help to ensure that I don’t end up make costly mistakes
*efficiency turning around the documents
*mortgaging and financing
*manageable cash purchase conveyancing cost
*and all other aspects of my legal business and personal needs to be fulfilled
*financial security

So I was hunting for a law firm who would be a true business partner in driving the success of my small but ambitious investment business and help me building my investment portfolio real fast without too many costly mistakes.

I had shortlisted 3 companies and spoke to all their Business development partners.

I chose PM Law as my Law Firm after speaking to Keith at great length.

I felt convinced I had made the right chose selecting PM Law and I have been proven right.

When I spoke to various team members as they seem down to earth approachable bunch of people who were extremely efficient and capable to look after my business needs without hounding me as I am very busy person with full time day job.

And ever since that day I haven’t looked back.

I have had a dedicated Conveyance Manager Joanne Collins and her team looking my business.

Since then I have always had:

*top class conveyancing service from Joanne and her team who I can trust as safe pair of hands
*Joanne and her team have been polite and gentle in their approach and provide me with regular updates on all key stages progress of acquisition of a property
*Helped and guided me on complex acquisitions and auction matters
*PL Law have always delivered my portfolio investments on time, whether it is for auctions, corporate sale terms, or private individual cash sale purchases
*Helped me sort out any title issues or confusions
*PM Law have managed to help us refinance 4 times hence enable to expand my portfolio
*All in all, I am a very happy customer and I have never left that 200 miles of distance between us had any issue or impact growing my business
*I have also noted since the restructure of PM Law conveyancing department last year there is significant improvement in response time of emails and voice messages and now phones get now answered promptly as well. All in all, there is a delightful service offered by Joanne and her Team
*I am glad and proud to say that PM Law is my vital Business Partner
*I am about to try myself PM Law for Will writing service

PM Law are number one on the selection list for conveyance needs.

Kind regards



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