PM Group prepare people for Leadership

As part of the PM Group’s commitment to people, today they have announced a collaboration with MTD Training to deliver a sophisticated Leadership learning programme for 20 of their people.

The Learning will be a blend of face to face and online digital learning. Over the course of this 12-month programme, they will cover a variety of content, some include: an Introduction to Management, Communication and Coaching and Advanced People Management, along with other areas.

It will provide a toolkit of people management skills to manage performance more effectively and develop other skills. They’ll be able to understand how people tick so they can manage problems more effectively and build productive working relationships with everyone. They will also develop skills to take through their journey to become an inspirational leader building a high level of trust and acting as a role model for their team.

This move is driven by expansion and the recognition that our people come first. The 20 talented people are from across the whole of the divisions within the Group.

This training is not only a commitment to developing people leaders, but a commitment to those who will enjoy, develop and flourish under their leadership.

The aim is to prepare people from diverse backgrounds for the leap into Supervision, management and ultimately leadership.  This is vital for PM as growing more leaders within the workplace is part of the succession as they are a growing business. The PM Group focuses heavily on training and professional development which are critical factors for people and business success.

Harvey Harding – Group MD commented:

“We’re excited to be collaborating with MTD. They understand how we think and work, which has been a pivotal reason in choosing them to enhance the Leadership skills of our people. We are looking forward to development of some of our great people who will in turn be leaders for all our people”.

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