PMPL takes part in Digital Street project

PMPL takes part in Digital Street

Land Registry project works to innovate conveyancing

PM Property Lawyers is a strong believer that technology can enhance the conveyancing experience for clients. As such, we‘re very excited to be participating in the Land Registry’s Digital Street development project.

The project aims to digitise key aspects of the conveyancing process. This will make it simpler, faster and cheaper and at the same time, increase security and prevent fraud.

‘Progressive’ workshop

Harvey Harding, Managing Director at PMPL, was invited to join the recent Digital Street workshop in London. “Lawyers, estate agents, valuers and mortgage brokers all took part in the workshop,” he commented. “It was extremely progressive and refreshing to have these different sectors all work together to find a common approach and common solutions to the issues our clients face.”

Rather than taking the practitioners’ point of view, the workshop emphasised the pinch points within the process that consumers experience. Participants came up with several innovative solutions that would make a step change in the antiquated system that currently exists. All agreed that the Land Registry approach to digitisation would foster innovation within the industry, within both government and commercial entities.

Harvey is a founder member of the Sheffield chapter of Legal Hackers and the Legal Tech North movements. He is a firm advocate of technological advancement and sharing practical expertise in the most efficient and cost-effective way. “Using technology in the right way means that the experts within our business can focus on delivering fantastic customer,” he said. “As client expectations continue to rise, this is absolutely essential.”

More details of the Digital Street project here.

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