Chanell Courcey

Assistant Senior Legal Support Manager

Education, qualifications and past experience?

I work as the assistant to Senior Legal Support Manager of PMPL and I have been here since October 2020. I have worked with clients and customers now for 7 years, assisting a wide range of queries. I also have a business management qualification, with all of my experience being in Client Care.

What do you enjoy most about working at PMPL?

My favourite thing about working at PMPL is – The amazing environment to which we work in, assisting and supporting clients and receiving job satisfaction once our clients matter has completed.

How long have you been working here?

I have been working here at PMPL since October 2020.

Tell us something interesting about you!

I am a level 4 qualified cheerleading instructor with over 20 years of dance experience in a wide range of dance types. I have raised over £2000 for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital with a cheerleading team to which I was the Head Coach and Founder. I am also the Chair of the Charity Committee of the PM Group.