Tenant And Landlord Disputes

Problems with tenants or disputes with landlords happen frequently. We can help to resolve these conflicts whether it’s an issue over …

  • deposits
  • rent
  • evictions
  • failed repairs
  • or another housing matter


If you aren’t getting a fair deal from your landlord, talk to us. We are experienced in dealing with possession cases and can help if your property is in a poor state of repair and your landlord has refused to carry out the necessary work. We can also help in cases of harassment and unlawful eviction. See these top tips to avoid  a stressful situation.


When your tenants are causing you problems, talk to us. We can help with all disputes over rent, anti-social behaviour, injunctions and breaches of tenancy agreements. We can also draft tenancy agreements for you and prepare and serve any necessary notices for eviction.

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