Top Tips

Top Tips for Tenants

Use our helpful checklist to avoid a stressful situation with your tenancy:

  • Before you sign a Tenancy Agreement, check the contents and condition of the property carefully.
  • Read the Tenancy Agreement carefully and take legal advice if there is anything you don’t understand.
  • Be aware that there is generally no ‘cooling off’ period once the Tenancy Agreement is signed.
  • If you have paid a deposit, make sure that you receive all the information about the deposit scheme from the landlord.
  • Pay your rent on time, in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement.
  • When you move out, check the condition of the property with the landlord and/or agents.
  • If you feel that the landlord has unreasonably deducted money from your deposit, use the arbitration service under the deposit scheme.
  • If you receive a summons for possession from the Court, do not ignore it. Seek legal advice immediately.

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